Enhancing the value of fibre cement
and cement-bonded materials

fiber cement

Fibre cement and cement-bonded materials need to be considered from two different viewpoints:

  • surface enhancement or decorative aspects
  • structural enhancement or functional characteristics

Companies using these materials will need to address both issues according to the final use of the product in question. Whereas decorative aspects are connected to the aesthetic appeal of the surface, the functional characteristics of cement-bonded materials are always extremely important when the final product is exposed to external, environmental factors.

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Finishing technologies for fiber cement

Surface enhancement for fibre cement and cement-bonded materials

A broad range of coating equipment and technologies is available to decorate products such as façade elements, sidings, wall coverings, suspended ceilings, thermal or acoustic insulation panels as well as flat or corrugated roof tiles. This extends from curtain, spray and roller coating to industrial digital printing where a decorative effect may entail a need to produce a customised finish.
Many of our solutions will boost your productivity even when they require a smaller investment. For example, we supply roller coating solutions which apply different coatings to the top and bottom of a panel simultaneously and recoup each coating separately.
Amongst our spray coating solutions, a high degree of automation is ensured so as to minimise human intervention throughout the process. Machines are managed by different software solutions which enable tracking of each batch or even single pieces when necessary. Production parameters can be tweaked at all times from a single point on the line and even remote monitoring is possible via cell phone and a simple web connection.

Fiber cement line

Structural enhancement for fibre cement and cement-bonded materials

In order to conserve the characteristics and value of your product over time, it is equally important to enhance its structural strength and resistance to environmental conditions, providing durability, protecting against efflorescence, mould and rot, and making it resist vandalism or even chemical aggression. Our range of equipment has been developed to achieve such characteristics. This means that in addition to the quality of the substance used to impregnate the material, the application technology has been fine-tuned to ensure maximum penetration into each substrate type, perpetuating the structural and functional characteristics of the finished product.

We supply complete lines to process fibre cement products or cement-bonded materials. For example, roof tiles need to be impregnated to achieve water-resistant characteristics before being primed and decorated with a finishing coat. Our fully integrated lines feature the equipment and technologies you need and can also incorporate third-party machinery. So whatever your requirement, we are in a position to find the solution which we develop in order to reach your goals.

Which products can be processed on our finishing lines?

fiber cement products

They are built to apply the necessary substances and coatings to increase performance and resist vandalism, chemical aggression and all types of atmospheric aggression such as:

  • hail
  • extreme temperature excursions
  • moss
  • mould
  • rot
  • UV
  • pollutants

Superior performance reduces the need for regular maintenance and improves the durability of products in fibre cement and cement-bonded materials.

A broad range of machines and technologies

Check out some of our frontline solutions which include:

  • flowcoating equipment for large formats impregnating all six sides of a panel
  • vacuum technologies to maximize transfer efficiency at speeds of 50m/min.
  • curtain coaters for high-speed production and large volumes
  • wipecoating machines for corrugated panels
  • roller coating
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