MultiWrap Wide machine Düspohl

MultiWrap Wide

Laminating line for boards made from wood composites or pvc

MultiWrap Wide laminates boards made from HDF, MDF, honeycomb panels or pvc and other common work pieces with the usual surface materials on reels. 

Application Fields

Furniture components coating
Furniture components
Flat panels coating
Flat panels
Panels coating
Doors and shower stall coating
Doors and shower stall
Indoor furniture coating
Indoor furniture
Wooden components coating
Wooden components


Plastic coating
Wood and wood-based coating
Wood and wood-based materials

Focus on

Thanks to the combined laminating-wrapping-zone boards and their edges will be laminated without joint and in one single pass. 


This laminating line works with hot melt glue (PUR, EVA, APAO) to join the decorative material with the substrate. The laminated work pieces can immediately move on to further production steps, without any waiting time. Like all machines of our brand Duespohl, it is equipped with many systems to reduce set-up times. 


  • Energy efficient premelter
  • Glue application system with patented slot coater
  • Precise diagonal saw

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