Reel Slitter and Winder | Cefla Finishing

Focus On

AutoCut combines the exemplary cutting performance of disc knives with a quick, easy set-up and optimal safety measures. Since the disc knives frequently sharpen each other, they offer a long service life. 


AutoCut does not only move the upper and lower knives to the positions that the operator has programmed before, it also regulates the tension automatically in relation to the diameter and strip width to avoid hairline cracks in the acrylic layers of pvc window foils. Even operators with little experience produce consistent results when using this fully automated solution. 


  • Can be used in many industrial sectors
  • Automatic disc knife positioning
  • High flexibility thanks to the possible use of different knife systems
  • Automatic remote diameter-dependent braking power control
  • Constant web speed and tension during winding
  • Simple knife replacement
  • Excellent accessibility thanks to overhung winding shafts
  • Deionisation 
  • Auxiliary tool for taking off wound up reels
  • Connection to ERP