Benefits of automated spray coating solutions


Superior transfer efficiency and the resulting reduction in lacquer consumption and related costs are not the only benefits obtained from an automatic machine. Another improvement will be seen in terms of quality consistency.

Even skilled staff will have days when they have a hard time achieving the coating standards required. And of course they may call in sick and need to be temporarily replaced by an unskilled operator. These factors are likely to lead to a waste of coating, time, substrate material and money.

Automated spraying equipment could put things right. But what do you need to go down that route?

It entails an initial investment, you need the floorspace to accommodate the machinery and an operator to oversee the process, loading or unloading workpieces.

The result will solve many issues and bring:

  • greater transfer efficiency
  • consistent quality standards
  • improved productivity
  • shorter delivery times
  • lower costs (labour and coating)

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