New Elispray: faster, easier to clean, less lacquer consumption


Whereas elliptical spraying techniques ensured high speeds and large volumes in the past, more recent reciprocating solutions have outpaced machines based on a rotary distribution system, especially in face of smaller production batches required by today’s market. Reliability was also an issue which played against the choice of this technology, but today’s redesigned Elispray features new, patented solutions that enable extremely high speeds, excellent transfer efficiency, reliability and reduced lacquer consumption by up to 20%.

Elliptical spray coating: superior transfer efficiency

Several factors have increased the transfer efficiency of the new Elispray. Combining a high-performance spraying booth with high-speed distribution, we have achieved excellent results. Innovations include:

  • double plenum directs overspray where it is needed, settling gradually on the workpieces instead of being forced down
  • belt surface has been increased to maximise overspray recovery
  • new layout of suction areas interferes less with overspray
  • guns operate at lower speeds than a reciprocating machine, making it possible to use lower feed pressures and waste less lacquer
All this saves the filters from dealing with excessive overspray, meaning they will last longer. Cleaning operations are much easier and faster than before.

Reliability ensures minimal maintenance downtime

Elispray features a patented product distribution system on the guns, eliminating aspects that undermined reliability in the past. A rinsing circuit also runs right next to the seals of the lacquer delivery circuit. Conveying water or solvent, it rinses, helps detect leakage points and reduces the working temperature of the joints thereby extending seal life.

The following benefits are obtained:

  • minimises defects and machine downtime caused by localised leakage
  • critical machine components can be monitored while the machine is working to avoid unproductive stoppages
  • allows companies to plan maintenance sessions without needing to react to problems which disrupt production
Also available is a patented line feeding system by means of a rotary pump, eliminating risks connected to the presence of a joint. This results in just one single lacquer circuit compared to the double circuit present on the version with a rotary joint.

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