Why flatbed lines ensure superior coating quality for automotive components

spraying machine for co2

Two key issues in the automotive industry are productivity and flexibility. We have an answer which also delivers superior finishing quality. As the industry increases its use of plastics as a substrate for many components, the need to guarantee a high-quality finish is vital. Vertical spray coating lines offer flexibility for different parts, but gravity affects the coating quality as it leads to an uneven lacquer thickness especially on larger pieces.

Step by step to the best quality results

We have configured the most effective integrated solution to deliver consistent quality and a remarkable n increase in productivity. Prior to coating, we equipped our oscillating spray coater with dry CO2 snow-cleaning capability to prepare the surface. After deionisation, components move through a digital 3D reading barrier into our Cartesian spraying robot, which can work simultaneously on different pieces. Ensuring better isolation with flatbed solutions and subsequent drying equipment, coating quality improved as well as production efficiency. 

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