Indoor furniture: spray coating line medium size system

When looking for a spray-coating line for raised or flat panels, in wood or its derivatives, we at Cefla Finishing have an integrated solution. You may be thinking of using it to decorate furniture elements, stairs, noise barriers or other finished products with similar characteristics.

This system enables a high degree of flexibility to handle varying production needs. It is comprised of different machines for brushing/cleaning, spraying, flash-off and curing and because of its overall compact design, requires no more than 125 sqm of floorspace.
Discover the simulated finishing line and visit our website for more details on the individual machines which make up this solution.

Our website incorporates a function enabling you to search for a solution to your real finishing needs. After selecting a finished product or a substrate material, we present the options available. In some cases, you will be able to choose between different finishing techniques and select the right size (S/M/L) according to the floorspace available, the degree of flexibility you need on your line.

In this case:
▸floorspace: 125 sqm
▸high flexibility
▸productivity: 700-1800 sqm
▸Size: M

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