Which is faster: a roller coater or a roller coaster?

Quality of roller coating

Which is faster: a roller coater or a roller coaster? The fastest roller coaster in the world travels at 240 km/h. which is nothing compared to the majority of our roller coating solutions.

Moreover, we are also able to ensure the same quality finish as you would expect from a spray coater or curtain coater with the Laser Roller. Firstly, the Laser Roller does not need to reach a height of 52 metres above ground level before accelerating and it does not need to stop and restart every few minutes. As an end-of-line machine, it applies large quantities of lacquer making it suitable for surfaces requiring top-quality finishes.

Just a few of the machine’s characteristics:
✓ application volume in a single pass up to 45 g/sqm
✓ application quality without defects thanks to laser-engraved roller and pressure applied by the new PRO series machines
✓ machine speed up to 60 metres/minute

Roberto Sorbini

Business Line Manager | Roller Coating Technologies

Product development, technologies and machines for roller coating

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