Raised doors: spray coating line

If you are evaluating a spray-coating line for wooden panels, raised or flat, maybe for furniture elements, stairs, noise barriers or several other finished products with similar characteristics, we at Cefla Finishing have an integrated solution.

This system enables a high degree of flexibility to handle varying production needs. It is comprised of different machines for brushing/cleaning, spraying, curing and drying and is specially conceived to offer maximum productivity, requiring more or less 200 sqm of floorspace.

Searching for a solution via our website is a simple task. Once you have selected a finished product or a substrate material, you will discover the options available.

You will be able to choose between different finishing technologies in some cases and select the right size (S/M/L) according to the floorspace available, the degree of flexibility required on your line and the objectives you have set yourself in terms of productivity.

In this case:
▸ floorspace: 200 sqm
▸ excellent flexibility
▸ productivity: 900-2900 sqm/shift
▸ size: L

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