Furniture trends: the best solution for office environments.

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Open-air office environments have been all the rage in recent years, but recent changes in our communities, including social distancing policies, are giving wall partition and cubicle systems a come-back. Even conference rooms are having to be rethought to encourage safe working environments. The solution: modular, even temporary, structures are helping employers stay flexible.

Hard and soft surfaces for office and lobby furniture can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, material, and recycled materials. Furniture can be mass produced or can be as unique as the individual who requested it, it is based much on personal taste, preferred style, trends, and budget. No matter the material, taste or budget, all office furniture requires a finish to enhance its features and provide durability.

Cefla Finishing’s technologies and solutions enhance the look of wall partitions, table surfaces, chairs, lobby furniture, cubicles. A proper finish provides a beautiful and safe working environments for employees and customers, while offering a durable surface that is easy to clean. Cefla Finishing technologies result from over 70 years of experience, bringing you the best automated solutions for the treatment and painting office furniture and office wall systems.

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