Excimer matting technology. The key number is 3

Drying excimer technology

3 axes: X, Y and Z.  3D objects including raised panels.  3 patent pending technologies.  Once upon a time excimer matting technology was restricted to flat panels, a simple X and Y axis process achieving a resistant matt finish with a soft touch effect. Just a single flat surface. Cefla Finishing knew the market was ready to go a step further, by improving the technology, but also by adding the third dimension, or if you prefer, the Z axis.

Today’s Exydry-Z oven, featuring non-stop processing, implements a superior level of excimer matting and is able to handle raised panels and all panel edges. This latest-generation oven delivers deep matt surfaces that are totally fingerprint-proof, wonderfully soft to the touch and which boast an exceptional surface resistance. Thanks to our technology, much less nitrogen is needed for the oven, making the process more sustainable and economically convenient.

Tomorrow Cefla envisages Exydry-Z ovens with an increased capacity in terms of panel size and thickness. There is also a strong probability special lacquers for excimers, even water-based, will become easier to source than today.


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