Industrial digital printing solutions for panel surfaces and edges

The majority of companies involved in panel surface finishing, in particular furniture manufacturers, will probably never consider the opportunities that arise from digital printing solutions, either because of a certain lack of experience with this technology or because large production volumes only justify traditional coating techniques. Today, however, there is a growing demand for personalisation, small batches and short lead times.

There is also one aspect that rarely comes under the spotlight: matching the edge finish with the flat surface finish in terms of both colour and pattern. Digital printing solves this issue instantly and definitively.

Starting from a digital image file, you can do anything. Just one identical source from which to generate the surface finish and the edge. Unlimited flexibility accompanied by several other benefits such as:

  • maximum customisation
  • tiny production batches (<100 sqm)
  • lead times just hours or a few days
  • reduced stock requirements
  • virtually no stock service

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Same image, same procedure, same inks if possible

Digital printing enables a perfect match between panel surface and panel edge, even when two different companies are involved in each process. Elaborating the digital image for both tasks is the first step. Using the same inks optimises the match, but may not always be possible depending on which inks each company adopts.

Overcoming metamerism – the phenomenon by which different light sources affect the way the eye perceives colours - with digital printing of the flat surface as well as the rolls of edgebanding material is also much easier if the procedure and the inks used are the same. 
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Multiplying your opportunities

Industrial digital printing ensures huge flexibility and can be integrated into a finishing line as a complementary technology to answer the demands for small batches and personalised decorations. After sanding and primer application, the flat surface can be decorated with a digital printer followed by a transparent basecoat which precedes the finished effect that can be matt, glossy or even texturized (haptic effects), the latter also accomplished on a digital printer.

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Shorter lead times and no minimum quantities

Industrial digital printing is a solution when faced with the need to go from the creative idea to the output in as short a time as possible (one week compared to one or two months). It also allows companies to execute real batch 1 orders for panel decoration, without any investment in materials required for traditional techniques (engraved rollers, decorative paper, etc.) and very small lots for edgebanding.

In this webinar we show you digital printing on panels and edges

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