Industrial Digital Printing. Never say never

Cefla Finishing Industrial Digital Printing

How many times have you been obliged to say “no” to a customer who required a one-off finish, within just a few hours, or who was looking for a highly personalised design? Your solution would have been too expensive or simply impossible to handle without seriously interrupting your production schedule.

Today you can start saying “yes” without worrying about frightening costs, dangerous downtime or approximate quality. Digital printing technologies are growing fast and our experience enables us to provide the most advanced solutions available today. This means superb natural looking effects, a realistic textured feel to each surface and even the most exuberant customisation can be achieved at competitive costs.

Based on 4 to 6 colours and on fully digital data, digital printing is a technique which is simple to control and produces repeatable quality and results over time. It is simple to elaborate a graphic file or scan a design pattern and replicate it directly.

Reproducing countless wood grain designs with a tactile effect is simple to achieve with our digital printing solutions. The realistic 3D surface finish is achieved on our J-PRINT TD industrial printer using digilogico technology by ZeeTree surface texturing technique at a resolution of 400 dpi.

Already appealing for its ability to stay tuned to trends and enable a high degree of customisation, digital printing now offers huge potential and is an affordable process. The haptic effects will certainly evolve for flooring applications as well as for edges using roll-to-roll techniques in the near future. We also expect developments in digital printing for cardboard surfaces or rolls of plastic used for covering furniture items.

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