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Can I decide exactly what design I want? How can I effectively measure the quality of the print? Can I print on edges or profiles?

These are just some of the most frequently asked questions our customers pose when it comes to industrial digital printing in the field of surface enhancement.
More and more, this key technology is an opportunity to be considered for integration into your finishing process.

Yes, but how?

Our industrial digital printing specialists help us to find the best answer. So let's start with the first question:

Which substrates can I print on?

Many! Each requiring its own specific pre-treatment, curing level, finishing etc.
Examples: MDF and other wood derivatives – fibre cement – PVC – SPC – WPC – ABS – PS – Aluminium and other metals – glass – leather.

Thanks to Silver Santandrea - Product Manager


Silver Santandrea

Product Manager | Digital Printing Technologies

Product development, technologies and machines for digital printing

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