Aquadry LA in-line oven

Aquadry LA in-line oven

Aquadry LA is an in-line drying oven

Aquadry is an in-line system for drying mainly water-based paints.

This combined in-line system associates the effectiveness of high speed hot air and high radiation capacity IR lamps. It is the most efficient system for drying water-based paints, because it cuts the times needed to evaporate any water contained in the finishes.

The hot air ventilation creates a high flow-rate area. The optional infra-red lamps can have differential wavelengths and penetration depths.


  • flexible choice of hold times thanks to oven's modularity;
  • short flash-off or total drying times;
  • user-friendly operation and low maintenance;
  • low initial investment costs;
  • no emissions and/or radiation in working environment.

Application Fields

Flat panels
Raised or curved panels
Internal matchboard
Flat doors
Raised doors
Indoor furniture
Corrugated roof panels
Furniture components
Clutches and brakes
Interior components

Focus on

Aquadry LA is the best in-line system for drying water-based paints.


  • Wood
  • Fibre cement
  • Insulating materials
  • Plastics
  • Metal
  • Glass

Case Studies

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