Easy-to-use two-arm oscillating spray machine

Easy is the easy-to-use two-arm oscillating spray machine developed to provide finishes of the very highest quality. It can provide the basis for complex systems, especially to meet high-volume production needs.

Easy is a two-arm oscillating spray machine designed for medium-large production volumes.
It is the ideal solution for any gloss or matt finish.

Oscillation of the two spray-gun arms is powered by a brushless motor and positive drive belts, with separate ways and supports. Quick-fitting interchangeable arms available as an optional.

Thanks to its reading barrier, the machine precisely scans the shape and size of incoming pieces to optimise spraying and avoid wasting paint.

The system is equipped with a carbon fibre conveyor belt (CFB) to ensure perfect piece adherence to the conveyor surface, immaculate edge coating quality and no overspray in the undersides of pieces. The belt also features an automatic centring device to guarantee correct conveyor belt positioning on the high precision carriage. This belt simplifies overspray recovery while also minimising solvent use and cleaning and maintenance procedures.

The filtering system, with dry or water filters, combines with an "Airsphere" air diffusion Plenum (Cefla patented), an innovative method for controlling the air flow inside the machine for maximised spraying quality and higher transfer-efficiency.


  • OVERSPRAY FILTRATION: dry or water


  • High-strength carbon fibre belt (CFB) with automatic centring device
  • Patented overspray recovery system
  • High transfer-efficiency

Application Fields

Flat panels
Raised or curved panels
Flat doors
Raised doors
Flat roof tiles
Indoor furniture
Clutches and brakes
Interior components
Structural metal components
Suspended ceilings
Interior floor and wall coverings
Thermal-acoustic insulation in wood-cement
Flat slabs for external wall covering
Concrete slabs
Furniture components
Metal sheets and panels

Focus on

Patented recovery system. Paint is recovered by a counter-turning roller, while the rest of the system ensures perfect belt cleaning. Solvent consumption and end-of-session cleaning times are minimised. The FLEX version (with belt recovery) has been developed for users who paint small batches with frequent colour changes.


  • Wood
  • Plastics
  • Metal
  • Composite materials

Case Studies

Cefla and Sunview Patio Doors: analysis of a success

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