A big job for a small shop: a case for vacuum technology

Shiplap Is Trending And Cefla's Vaccum Technologies Can Automate The Process

Cefla’s Vacuum Finishing Systems are intended for small- and medium-sized operations.

Available in either a water-based or solvent-based compatible solution, the system has a compact footprint that is ideal for shops with space limitations. The system combines three processes into one system, featuring a denibbing unit, application vacuum coater, and either a drying or curing tunnel based on coating specification. The system allows you to be flexible enough to quickly ramp up to accommodate a large order, or pivot with multiple small orders. Utilizing a 12-inch conveyor, the system moves parts through an application head where a controlled amount of coating is circulated around either three or four sides of each part. The application head has a lever that is manually opened or closed to either increase or decrease the amount of coating that encounters each part. From there, the part is conveyed through a short wave IR drying oven. After exiting the oven, unless there is a desire for the parts to go through another coating process, the parts are ready to pack and ship. The CVR Vacuum Finishing System has an optional denibbing unit; denibbing roughens or smoothens a part to the desired grain.

Additionally, the system is environmentally friendly. There are no VOC's produced from the drying process, meaning your carbon footprint will remain low and there are no permitting or government compliance regulations to monitor. The CVR Vacuum Finishing System has a working width of 8- to 12-inches and optimal working length of 24 inches, making it ideal for optimizing the production of linear profiles and flat boards including shiplap. The popularity of shiplap in the North American market is no secret; it has become quite the star in North America with its feature on several hit reality and DIY (do-it-yourself) television series. Vacuum technology allows shops of any size to automate their finishing process and take advantage of this trendy material.

Other system features include:

  • No VOC’s, no emissions, no permitting
  • Small footprint
  • One system comprised of multiple processes – no need for different sets of equipment
  • Options for water-based and solvent-based coatings
  • Machine-side control panel is easy to use with a touch screen featuring large print and color graphics

Not using water-based coatings? The CVS vacuum coating system has the same footprint as the CVR system, but is compatible with solvent-based coatings and has a standard denibbing unit located before the application head.

These machines are built exclusively to support the North American market by Delle Dedove technologies, also known as DV Systems. Contact us today.

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