CVR Vacuuming Staining System

CVR Vacuuming Staining System

Working Width: 8 in – 12 in Min. Working Length: 24 in Dimensions: L (depends on the model) x 8’ W x 5’ H 

The CVR staining system for mouldings integrates sanding, coating and drying in one single and easy to use machine.


Application Fields

Profiles and structural metalwork
Profiles and door profiles


Wood and wood-based materials

Focus on

This vacuum-coater mouldings staining & priming system combines sanding, staining and drying into a single unit. 
The easily controlled vacuum system enhances grain without additional brush or hand wiping.


Water-Based Stain or Prime Application and Drying

The CVR staining system for mouldings integrates sanding, coating and drying in one single and easy to use machine. A vacuum unit applies water-based stains or primers uniformly on any moulding and shape producing a consistent and uniform coloring. This vacuum process enhances grain definition without the need for brush or hand wiping.

1. Pre-Sanding/Denibbing: On request the in-feed conveyor can accommodate sanding heads with abrasive strip brushes for pre-sanding prior to coating application.

2. Vacuum Application: The stain/primer is applied by a stainless steel vacuum coater system. It is possible to control the amount of applied product equally on all 3 or 4 sides by simply increasing or decreasing the vacuum level in the application head.

3. Short Wave IR drying: After exiting the vacuum head the profile enters an IR curing tunnel and passes under multiple high intensity IR emitters. The emitters irradiate the moulding 360o for perfect curing in just seconds. The freshly coated mouldings can then be stacked or processed immediately thereafter.


  • Combines sanding, staining and curing into a single, easy-to-use machine
  • Sanding: Fully-controllable pre-sanding with abrasive strip brushes
  • Four-side, adjustable, vacuum application
  • Multi-lamp infra-red curing in just seconds
  • Frequency-controlled feed and brush motors allow tightly controlled production speeds
  • Integrated PLCs for full production control
  • No VOC emissions  | No permits required | Reduced flammability
  • 100% transfer efficiency | Consistent results | Low coatings costs
  • Small production footprint

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