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If it weren’t for over 100 lines installed worldwide using our Laser Roller, it would be acceptable to assume that the best way to achieve a glossy surface finish was either using a curtain coater or a spray coating machine. But when we introduced the laser-engraved application roller and fitted it (when required) to our roller coater range, the results revealed a number of benefits. Since then, our customers using the Laser Roller can boast coating quality and above all sustainability.

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Benefits of the Laser Roller for high-gloss finishes

Clearly a solution exclusively for flat panels, but of any size according to the roller coating equipment it is fitted to, the Laser Roller applies a large quantity of lacquer (up to 45 g/sqm) without leaving any traces or defects that are found typically on roller coated surfaces. Compared to spray coaters or curtain coaters, the main advantage is that with a Laser Roller you are making a sustainable choice. This technique allows you to use 100% acrylic UV lacquers with only solid residue.

We also do exactly the opposite, so if you are interested in a deep matt finish, please visit this page for full details.

Which substrates can I coat with a Laser Roller?

In addition to wood and its derivatives, substrate materials that are coated using a Laser Roller include PMMA, glass and fibre cement. The high-gloss finish enhances the aesthetic qualities of any substrate and can be achieved with consistent quality and with less environmental impact than most other coating techniques.

Laser Roller – the machine dedicated to high-gloss finishes

More than an engraved application roller, the Laser Roller is also a complete roller coating machine which can be integrated into a finishing line to achieve specifically high-gloss surface finishing. Ensuring top performance, the quality obtained on the Laser Roller equipment is consistently in line with the most demanding objectives for high-gloss finishes.

Use our expertise to solve your needs

Cefla Finishing has developed countless solutions using roller coating technologies. These range from innovative roller coating equipment to the Smartcoater PRO which can be equipped to handle slightly raised panels as well as poorly calibrated panels. Together with the laser-engraved application roller, we also fit optional systems to adapt the machinery and the line to your real needs, taking into account your objectives and the products you are handling.

You can even fix an appointment with one of our roller coating experts and visit our laboratory to run tests using your lacquers and your products.

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Products and Solutions

The search function is now available for complete production lines. All you need to do is select the material involved, the market sector or the finished product. Whichever search criteria is used, a corresponding solution for your spray coating line is obtained in just 3 steps. Search results will indicate the most suitable solution, based on the level of flexibility required, the productivity range and the overall footprint. Solutions are classified as small (S), medium (M) or large (L).

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