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How many companies face the need to perform edge coating and how many ways are there to coat or seal an edge? We have a number of solutions depending on your product, the material, its shape and how you intend to finish the edge. Edge coating technologies range from spray coating to roller coating, vacuum coating and even digital printing.

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Before investigating different technologies, take a look at our primary solution, combining exclusive features and patented devices which set us apart from the competition.

coating and filling machine Smartedge

Smartedge: the complete solution

Smartedge combines coating and filling with sanding of straight and shaped panel edges in a complete solution, providing a cost-effective, top-quality alternative to manual processing. MDF and chipboard panel edges are filled, sanded and coated using a self-adapting roller coating solution or patented vacuum injection technology.

Because edge processing affects the entire panel coating process, it cannot be seen to be of secondary importance. Efficiency for large-scale production, flexibility for just-in-time requirements and consistent quality is crucial to match the panel finish.

When fitted with our patented Edge & Go system, consisting of an application head with interchangeable straight or shaped slats, Smartedge will coat edges of any type. Edge & Go lets you change the edge shape without turning off the vacuum tower. In terms of speed, switching from a straight edge with a 3 mm radius to a J-Pull handle edge, for example, takes less than 15 seconds.

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Edge spray coating with iBotic

Spray coating of edges

Panel edges can be coated by a Cartesian spraying robot such as iBotic whose spray guns with movement around 5 axes can be programmed to adequately coat the edge of a panel moving through the spray coating zone in tracking mode. iBotic is a high-capacity solution ensuring excellent coating quality and a superior degree of flexibility.

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Edge roller coating with soft roller

Roller coating of edges

Generally speaking, roller coating machines only coat flat surfaces. Equipped with a soft roller, bevelled edges can be processes satisfactorily on a roller coater. Straight edges or edges with small radii can be coated using roller coating technologies. Our patented soft vertical roller automatically adapts to the shape of the edge without the aid of a template.

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Vacuum edge coating

Vacuum coating of edges

Frequently used, vacuum coating technology is probably the most widespread method, not only to coat but also to seal edges, protecting them from humidity. Our solutions range from the Talent patented vacuum system which seals laminated parquet. The following products are compatible: water-based coatings, UV cure water-based products, UV-100%, sealants (wax, paraffin, glue).

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Edge digital printing

Digital printing for edges

Specially developed to handle edge foils with thicknesses ranging from 0.1 to 2 mm and a useful printing width of up to 500 mm (19.7”), our industrial digital printing solutions also provide an answer for certain edge coating needs.

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Edge sealing with Hybrid

Hybrid edge sealing equipment

A patented solution to a critical problem, Hybrid is our sealing equipment designed and developed for edge sealing. Based on vacuum technology, it seals edges to ensure durable products, waterproofing and lasting quality. This solution is aimed at manufacturers of doors, flooring and building products, working with substrates made from wood, its derivatives and Rockwool.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's needed to coat edges?

To coat edges you need a specific machine that coats, putties and sands the product edges. That's why we've designed and developed Smartedge, a machine for coating, puttying and sanding edges. It can be configured to suit the customer's specific needs, edge shape, product type and the required productivity.

What are the advantages of edge coating compared to a lining?

Coated edges become an integral part of the panel, ensuring insulation against steam and water after total coating with sprayers. In general, coated panels are of higher quality than lined panels.

What technology do I need to coat edges?

To coat edges correctly, vacuum and roller technologies are required. It all depends on the shape of the edge and the product type, which might be MDF, veneered, reconstituted veneered or wood. 

What kinds of edges can I coat?

Edge types are generally defined by their shape: today's technologies allow manufacturers to coat all the shapes on the market.

What materials can I process?

MDF, veneered, reconstituted veneered or wood edges can all be processed. Chipboard products can also be assessed for edge coating.

What's the most suitable edge coating solution?

For quality coating of straight edges with radii and shaped edges, vacuum technology is needed. If, however, edges are straight with small radii, roller technology will be more suitable.

I have edges of varying thickness; is there a machine that can work with all of them?

The standard edge coating machine designed by Cefla Finishing can process panels that are between 5 and 60 mm thick.

How long does it take to clean a machine?

Edge coating machines are not cleaned like classic roller or spray coating machines: in fact, unless it's necessary to change the primer or finish, only the vacuum heads or rollers are covered. If, on the other hand, a colour change is needed, it takes 15 minutes with a vacuum tower or per individual roller.

Can coating consumption be controlled during edge coating?

Coating consumption can now be controlled manually.

I have a very flexible production set-up. How much time do I lose setting up the machine for production changeovers?

Where there is a specific need for high flexibility, the configuration of the machine (i.e. the number of application and sanding units) determines the machine-set-up time, which can vary from 10 to 30 minutes.

Is an edge coating machine very maintenance-intensive?

On a coating machine, routine maintenance involves monthly tasks such as conveyor cleaning, lubrication of ball bearing pads and all metal parts with horizontal and vertical movement.

Can I easily manage programming of my workpieces on edge coating machines?

Thanks to a PLC with 100 programs, Smartedge can keep tabs on production data (number of pieces machined, number of metres, number of hours worked) and belt sander/wheel inputs-outputs, tool speed and conveyor systems.

How can I boost productivity?

When you need to raise productivity, you can proceed in two ways:

  • reduce coating and sanding unit setting times to a minimum
  • increase the number of machines to reduce product handling                
How flexible is the machine?

With the patented Edge & Go system, consisting of an application head with interchangeable straight or shaped slats, you can coat edges of any type, making the Smartedge machine highly flexible and user-friendly. Edge & Go, incorporated in Smartedge, lets you change the edge shape without turning off the vacuum tower. In terms of speed, switching from a straight edge with a 3 mm radius to a J-Pull handle edge, for example, takes less than 15 seconds. 

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