Lineflow | Cefla Finishing

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Lineflow is a horizontal solution used to apply impregnating or intermediate lacquer. Performing this horizontally, as opposed to on an overhead line, enables pieces to remain in line for the following brushing and coating stages. Subsequently, the pieces can be assembled after passing through the window frame press. The fibre-lifting operation is made easier and only light brushing is then required. Woodgrain is also better stabilised, improving the subsequent spray-coating stages on the overhead line.

One of the key features of Lineflow is its ability to operate without solvents. Furthermore, there is no energy dispersion and shorter processing times ensure savings. LineFlow is a combination of efficiency and sustainability.

Easy to use and easy to maintain, Lineflow is also a clean solution, improving shop floor conditions.


Working on unassembled window frames, Lineflow treats edges usually unexposed to impregnation. This greatly improves protection of profile extremities and as it takes place immediately after wood processing, fibre-lifting is facilitated.


  • Profiles are better protected thanks to impregnation of unassembled parts
  • Operations performed horizontally, such as the first brushing, are more effective than on an overhead line
  • Automatic colour-change available