If every profile in the world needed just 5 minutes set-up time for wrapping…

Profiles wrapping RoboWrap

Our experience led us to appreciate that manufacturers of doors, kitchens, furniture and wooden profiles all need a highly flexible system capable of responding quickly to customers' just-in-time demands while maintaining high-quality standards that can be repeated over time. Our latest wrapping technologies shorten machine set-up times when the profile shape changes. Consequently, downtime is reduced and manufacturers can easily respond to customer needs and stay competitive.

We have a large range of profile wrapping machines containing innovative and efficient systems that focus on your productivity, especially when you are faced with frequent requests for customization, leading to small production batches and frequent changeovers.

Relax with RoboWrap!

With its fully robotized mechanisms, allowing profile changeovers to be completed in just 5 minutes, combines limited set-up and maintenance times with high output rates. Now you can relax as we boost your profits through enhanced productivity. Intelligent software analyses the operator's procedure before each set-up process. This enables the machine to obtain the desired wrapping result even with worn or age-deformed pressure rollers.

RoboWrap is the first fully automatic wrapping machine which takes into account the altered shape of the pressure rollers when reproducing a set-up. No matter how much a profile's geometry differs from another, the set-up time (which can take up to 4-6 hours with conventional wrapping machines) has been reduced to a constant 5 minutes. Each RoboWrap is built with an individual configuration depending on the requirements of the specific project. This makes each RoboWrap unique.

Various solutions can be integrated to minimize glue consumption while obtaining a perfect coating result. We develop and produce all components in-house, from the feeding system, pre-melter, and glue application unit through to the separating system. This ensures perfect matching and much less need for maintenance, which is also kept to a minimum, thanks to the extensive durability of the key machine parts.

You could be relaxing for years to come, so be sure to chill out with RoboWrap.

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