Flow Coating Impregnator Machine | Cefla Finishing

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iFlow is perfect for the impregnation process using flow coating, essential for deep-down protection and staining of wood.


The iFlow unit is mounted on tracks, without connection to the workpiece overhead conveyor: this way, it can easily be removed from the line for cleaning and maintenance. iFlow can be expanded with a second unit, installed parallel to the first, which can be put into operation immediately and supplied with different coatings or colours, eliminating plant downtime. It is equipped with a single, high-capacity pneumatic pump for charge, discharge and recirculation, designed to ensure uniform impregnation of workpieces. The non-stick interior coatings facilitate cleaning. The wastewater collection tank is in stainless steel. The machine body can be opened for easy access to the double ramp of nozzles and to facilitate maintenance operations.

Optional: colour change system, washing system, wash water treatment system, automatic product refill system.


  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Independent from overhead conveyor thanks to track mounting
  • Guarantees uniform impregnation