One or two-arm oscillating spray machine

MITO is the oscillating spray machine, suitable for the application of any type of water or solvent-based paint or glue. It is ideal for small to medium sized businesses that are looking for flexibility and productivity as well as cost-effective use.

Mito is the flexible, modular oscillating spray machine for small and medium outputs.

MITO is equipped with a high-precession photodiode reading barrier for scanning incoming workpieces. Precise scanning of workpieces' size and the processing of their position by the control software allows spraying to be optimised, minimising the wastage of paint.

MITO can be equipped with 1 central or 2 side arms. The arms are able to manage colour/product change automatically and fast. Valve and time control can be handled directly by the software.
MITO is also suitable for glass. The MITO Glass configuration is absolutely the most flexible system for spraying on glass, since it is able to apply any type of paint. It is equipped with 1 special arm, which allows very fast automatic colour change, perfect for small production batches.

Overspray is sucked through two-stage dry filters: the operating maintenance costs of this system are reduced to a minimum. The large filtering surface area guarantees better air distribution, which translates into uniform finishing and a cleaner machine.

MITO has a patented “Airsphere” Plenum to guarantee a flow of perfectly clean air into the spraying zone, eliminating overspray residues during processing. The system ensures a high quality finish.

MITO can be equipped with paper or carbon fibre belt (CFB) conveyor system. The paper conveyor is the perfect solution for glues and non-recoverable paints. The paper belt is completely taut at all times thanks to a vacuum system, which keeps the underside of panels perfectly clean as well as guaranteeing immaculate, uniform application on edge and face. It also has an automatic pay-off and take-up system for quick, convenient replacement.
The carbon fibre CFB conveyor is perfect for spraying any type of recoverable water or solvent-based paint. The CFB configuration is equipped with a patented HCD automatic recovery and cleaning system, which minimises maintenance procedures and solvent use. It also features a patented automatic belt centring system to ensure a perfectly stable working surface.

MITO has an electric control panel with PLC and machine control software, controlled by a 12.1" colour touch screen.


  • SPRAYING ARMS: 1 or 2 arms; 1 arm for application on glass (Mito Glass)
  • CONVEYOR SYSTEM: paper or carbon fibre (CFB)


  • Flexible and modular, perfect for small and medium outputs
  • With patented Plenum for impeccable overspray suction
  • Paper configuration ideal for glues and non-recoverable paints.
  • The CFB configuration has patented automatic cleaning and belt centring systems. 

Application Fields

Flat panels
Raised or curved panels
Internal matchboard
Flat doors
Raised doors
Indoor furniture
Corrugated roof panels
Furniture components
Clutches and brakes
Structural metal components
Suspended ceilings
Interior floor and wall coverings
Thermal-acoustic insulation in wood-cement
Injection moulded parts
Flat slabs for external wall covering
Concrete slabs
Profiles and door profiles

Focus on

Extremely flexible, MITO is perfect for small and medium outputs. Also available in the MITO Glass and MITO Glue configurations, for application on glass and for applying glue to MDF board.


  • Wood
  • Plastics
  • Metal
  • Glass

Case Studies

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