Smartcoater PRO

Smartcoater PRO

Built to process all types of flat surface material, Smartcoater PRO includes key innovations and new design features, all developed to boost efficiency and improve coating quality.

Smartcoater PRO gives customers the chance to gain greater control over their process, over the lacquer applied and over productivity in general. Designed to provide maximum flexibility and top performance, Smartcoater PRO can handle different shapes, different thicknesses and uncalibrated panels, and is able to automatically adjust operating parameters so as to save time and improve coating quality.


Automation plays a role in reducing production costs by monitoring coating parameters (weight of lacquer, temperature, etc.).


Cleaning operations are partly automated and use of a roller cleaning device reduces solvent consumption and costs substantially.


Equipment design allows operators to see inside Smartcoater PRO to check key components such as rollers, scraper blades and lacquer.


  1. An improved lifting system based on 4 screw jacks ensures greater stability and sturdiness for the application head
  2. Belt adjustments are automatic, with an optional belt-centring system
  3. Dose roller positioning and independent electric application device
  4. Recalling a specific recipe will adjust parameters accordingly without manual intervention

Focus on

A floating system with optional pneumatic control responds perfectly to surface variations on flat panels transiting through the machine. The head can be locked or unlocked depending on what the customer needs, and can also work as an emergency lift device.


  • Wood
  • Wood-based
  • Glass
  • Cork
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Fibre-cement

Case Studies

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