Which way would you want to wrap a draw?

The best way possible! But there is more than one way, so let’s take a closer look at the options: using iBotic to apply the layer of glue or on a wrapping line using hot melt glue.

iBotic applies a single or two-component glue onto the MDF substrate using spray guns. Glue is dried for 10 minutes in a flexible hot air oven. Once the glue is dried to the right degree, the PVC sheet/film is applied to the substrate using a membrane press. Waste material is removed with our Tarcut trimming system, then collected and disposed of using Twister.

Another valid solution comes in the form of DrawerLine, designed and manufactured in Germany under our Duespohl brand. Available in two versions, DrawerLine 300V and 250H, these wrapping systems developed for drawers achieve speeds between 80 and 100 metres/min. and handle panel sizes up to 300 mm. The lines are equipped with several smart solutions that reduce set-up times and ensure high quality, such as automatic format adjustment.
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Our job is to advise you on the most appropriate solution

With different opportunities available to wrap drawers, we are at your disposal to evaluate which is the ideal solution. This means listening to your objectives and taking into consideration a number of parameters as well as floorspace, budget and available operators. We can choose the best finishing line together.
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