Hot Air Flexible Vertical Oven | Cefla Finishing

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Pieffe delivers the functions of an in-line oven 45 metres long within just 10 metres, thanks to a stacked tray system.


This oven derives its effectiveness and flexibility from its use of the First In/First Out principle, and on the capability for varying workpiece hold times inside the oven by removing one or more trays from the load. This oven is essential for obtaining curing times suitable for UV paints, and high-speed hot-air drying cycles for special paints or for drying glue upstream of membrane presses. Drying times can be regulated depending on the type of paint / glue used or the type of process. Pieffe is constructed with sheet steel panels with polyurethane foam insulation, ensuring perfect thermal insulation and impressive energy saving.


  • Extremely flexible and compact
  • Hold times adjustable to process
  • Perfect thermal insulation


01 Configurations
  • Transversal ventilation: ideal for gloss finishing or glue processes
  • Longitudinal ventilation: suitable for drying finishes of all types


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