Trimming system for PVC foil-wrapped furniture doors and panels.

Tarcut is a machine for trimming PVC foils during furniture door and panel wrapping processes, suitable even for complex forms.

Tarcut is the technology designed for the automatic trimming ofPVC foils after the wrapping has been applied to furniture doors and panels. The high-resolution 3D incoming workpiece scanner enables Tarcut to recognise even the most complex forms, including objects with voids. Thanks to its cutting tool height adjustment, the machine is able to process workpieces of different thicknesses in the same load, providing unbeatable flexibility and avoiding waste. It is able to trim complex shapes, guaranteeing the maximum flexibility.


  • High-resolution 3D scanner
  • Interchangeable cutting tool
  • Automatic stop system
  • Automatic tool cleaning
  • Able to trim any shape and/or window.

Application Fields

Wooden components
Flat panels
Furniture components
Interior components
Raised or curved panels
Indoor furniture

Focus on

Thanks to its flexibility, Tarcut is the essential automatic trimming machine for a wrapping line.


  • Wood
  • Plastics
  • Glue

Case Studies

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