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Paint-to-order services across door and accessory ranges is what PWS Paint Finishing provides handling over 600 pieces daily across 50 different colours and coating types. Such a service requires maximum flexibility regardless of order size and colour, with reliable lead times. Generally speaking, this averages at 18 days and the mean order size is around 25 components.

Recent investments at PWS involved relocation in 2018 with a new plant installed and running by 2019, including two lines supplied by Cefla Finishing. The company also moved heavily from PU-based to water-based paints in an effort to increase sustainability, further to centralising the boiler systems for both lines, which reduces drying costs.

Today’s lines are made up of a Smartclean sanding machine, a Mito oscillating spray coater and an Omnidry oven offering incredible versatility. Before completing the lines, PWS bought the spraying unit using it for both priming and top coating, quickly and simply integrating the additional equipment at a later date. The automated lines are highly flexible and achieve excellent output according to PWS Head of Manufacturing, Jeremy Redshaw.

When asked, Jeremy also listed the reasons for choosing Cefla: We look for latest technology, best of breed in terms of brand and plant with reliable UK service and aftercare. Being able to test in Cefla labs was extremely important as was being able to see and use the equipment being considered for purchase. The team were able to see, feel and touch what we were planning to buy for an extensive period. Not like a showroom visit at all.

Jeremy also added: Moving to water-based, we again made use of Cefla labs with multiple paint suppliers to determine paint partners. Ease in booking lab time and making arrangements was first class. Always able to accommodate your requests with multiple technicians, engineers, design people on hand to assist.

Cefla Finishing also provided several quotations to overcome doubts about line configuration, enabling PWS to carefully evaluate the best solution.

Another decisive factor in favour of Cefla Finishing was the availability of experts in all fields. The company demonstrated its value in terms of breadth of expertise and readiness to listen, advise and achieve the best response to PWS’s needs. Jeremy recalls the multitude of people with whom he or his staff interacted: From the sales team, to the lab guys, from software to build, from installation to training, there are multiple people at Cefla who have now formed working relationships with my team. My team are happy, which is an excellent sign and indicator of the relationships and outputs. In conclusion: They make life simple and are able to demonstrate with ease what they are selling, and do what they say when they say it.

More than the latest technologies, more than the flexible, efficient equipment and more than the reliable support from the Cefla team based in the UK, we convinced PWS Paint Finishing through the many faces and multiple skills of our team and through the unique opportunities we are able to offer thanks to our 3000 square metre Finishing LAB here at headquarters in Imola.

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