Roller coater for the application of anti-reflective nano coatings.

Solarcoater, the state of the art in roller coaters for the application of anti-reflective nano coatings to glass panels.

The modern, ergonomic end result of a new project, which uses technologies designed around versatility, flexibility and reliability.
The basic machine is equipped to be user-friendly when incorporated in high-productivity automatic lines.
The glass panels used to protect the silicon panels of photovoltaic systems can be treated with ARCs (Anti-Reflective Coatings) for improved energy efficiency. These products are applied in nanometric quantities, so an absolutely precise application technology is required.

From Sorbini expertise


  • Micrometric setting of all coating parameters
  • Electric emergency application head lifting
  • Rigid head for fine, uniform nanometric application
  • Independent roller and conveyor speeds with inverter control. Touch-screen control of all working parameters

Application Fields

Solar panels

Focus on

Although the quantities of product applied are tiny, the uniformity of the coating applied is excellent.


  • Glass

Case Studies

Cefla and Sunview Patio Doors: analysis of a success

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