Why customers see us as partners and not just suppliers


It is difficult to explain every consideration made when defining the values as we perceive them and how our customers perceive them, but this is a task every company should face to be clear about what they represent on their market. Our vision statement is short and concise, but it points exactly to where we aim in each activity: design, technology, user-friendliness, flexibility and sustainability.

The most trusted surface finishing partner, in everything you see.

If you are interested in understanding the reasons for our choice of words, this is the page to visit. But on a more tangible level, we can explain why most customers see us as a true ally, especially when there is a challenge to face.

Expertise, because we listen to you

With over 300 machine types and 60 years’ experience in the market, our team of finishing experts cover territories all around the world and have seen thousands of finishing lines, appreciating the issues faced by each customer, according to substrate, product geometries, lacquer types and an infinite number of variable criteria; too many to mention here. By listening to the people directly in contact with the product and the production line, we understand each aspect and if necessary run tests together with a customer at one of our huge finishing laboratories. Lacquers, curing ovens, your product, our technologies – everything can be tested until we find the ideal solution. Your priorities are respected in our quest for the best solution.

This is what stands at the heart of a partnership. Based on mutual trust, we can achieve your expectations and maybe go a step further.

Tailored solutions based on consolidated technologies

Each solution we provide derives from a tried and tested technology. We first use the LAB to innovate and experiment. Then you use the LAB to test our technologies on your products.

This leads inevitably to a tailored solution built to answer your needs in every detail. Based on a consolidated technology, it is highly reliable and able to satisfy a demand for cost-efficiency, sustainability, productivity, flexibility and ultimately the quality you want for your final product.

In many ways, our vision is part of your vision, because if we can improve your business prospects through our solutions, we are both working towards the same goal.

Curious to discover our Finishing LAB and run e few tests for your products? Contact us today.

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