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Trust is a value that is only earned over time. Trust is an ingredient of everything we do, large or small. The trust we cultivate internally between colleagues feeds our ability to express our collective expertise externally. Trust is an instinctive bond which enables partners to advance unhindered towards a common goal. We have made this value ours since we began providing innovative surface enhancement technologies to empower our customers’ businesses and help achieve their objectives. Trust is part of our heritage, acquired in over 60 years acting as an enabler for customers in the finishing of wood and its derivatives, and driving their evolution. Transparency, integrity and the willingness to experiment novel solutions in order to satisfy a customer’s needs make us the most trusted partner in the market.


Partners share a common goal. Partners do not come and go, they are present every step of the way. Partnership is also our collective approach as a team and the springboard which projects us towards each solution. As a partner, we listen to a customer’s needs, understand their objectives and appreciate their business context in order to exploit our extensive skills and knowledge to benefit them. Working together, we are driven by the tailored solution they require, not by an off-the-shelf machine we could manufacture. Our partnership is based on mutual trust, so much so that each of us will instinctively advocate our respective values.


Everything is a way of saying that the number of objects that have undergone surface finishing you see each day is almost infinite. We see everything from the point of view of a finishing operation: either to enhance its visual or tactile appeal, increase its surface resistance or apply a specific quality finish. We have created solutions for everything found in the building sector, and it is our intention to cover other areas in a similar way. We believe our experience and expertise are sufficiently broad to grow further and bring innovative solutions that will improve the techniques used for the surface finishing of almost everything you see.

Cefla Finishing belongs to the Cefla Group and is the world’s leading solutions provider for coating and digital printing technologies serving the wood, wood-derivative, plastic, metal, glass, ceramic, fibre cement and composite material finishing industries. Customers who choose Cefla Finishing machines and plants span from big names in construction, furnishing and design to key players in the automotive, aerospace, lifestyle and electronics sectors.


years of expertise

At Cefla Finishing we design and build turnkey coating plants, finishing machines and finishing lines. Thanks to an outstanding skills set, built up through over 60 years’ market experience, thanks to specialised know-how and a unique vocation for innovation, we lead the way in the development of decoration, lamination, wrapping and industrial digital printing technologies: from the automation of coating systems and the efficiency-enhancing digitalisation of processes to the veneering of panels and profiles in wood, wood-based materials, glass, ceramic, composite materials and plastic, for the construction, aerospace, furnishing, packaging, aerospace and automotive industries and any business that performs finishing as part of its production process.

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Where we are. Always by your side

Cefla Finishing also has an unmatched organization and far-reaching distribution network that covers, in terms of both production and sales, all the key international markets. 7 manufacturing facilities in Italy, Germany, China and the USA and 7 overseas branches allow us to reach customers worldwide and create, together, the coating and digital printing solution that best suits their business needs.

Cefla Finishing:
excellence in numbers



Present, efficient,

The remote production line links, cloud-based services and IoT platforms developed by Cefla Finishing are just three factors that make digitalization one of our key efficiency/innovation assets.


The UBIQUO suite consists of service packs and software solutions. It was developed to meet the need for simulation, efficiency-enhancing automation, monitoring and supervision and to provide fast preventive/predictive maintenance on our customers’ coating and digital printing lines, all over the globe.

Many faces,
one mindset,

Many faces

Cefla Finishing is made up of people and, together, people make up trust-building teams. Many faces, multiple skills and a vast wealth of experience. We’re here to listen and respond in person, in your language, to the needs of your business. 

We are Cefla People. We are many faces. 
We’re ready to get to know your company, your business, and work at your side to find the best solution for you.

One Mindset

We have a shared mindset. We share goals, and seek to make the very most of our expertise, at every level, everywhere. We share our skills and nurture team spirit so we can convert know-how into tangible advantages for our customers. 

It’s a single mindset, one that unites our manufacturing facilities and branches worldwide. It starts with our Headquarters in Italy, extends to Germany, where we specialise in wrapping, lamination and vacuum systems, and reaches across Europe and all the way to China - where our machines are designed and built to Made in Cefla standards and in compliance with local standards - and beyond to the USA. In Charlotte, North Carolina, we have the world’s second-largest Finishing LAB (after the one in Imola, Italy).

Cefla Finishing Cefla Live reportage 1

More solutions

Finishing technologies involve various processes: from spray coating to roller and vacuum coating, but also wrapping, lamination and decoration with industrial digital printing. Automation and R&D also form the bedrock of our vocation for innovation. Ever since 1970, the year we registered our first patent, we’ve been providing the coating and digital printing industry with unrivalled technology.

Cefla Finishing Line
Cefla LAB Machines


Cefla LAB Imola

Finishing LAB in Italy

Over 3000m2 packed with technology and pilot plants for coating and digital printing. We’re at the Cefla Finishing headquarters in Italy. Here, every day, customers and coating producers perform dozens of tests on new coating products, allowing them to run industrial-level trials of new solutions and experiment with new technologies.


Finishing LAB in the USA

Our North American headquarters in Charlotte is home to the USA’s best-equipped finishing lab. Our customers and partners can test their substrates and finishing processes under realistic manufacturing conditions to assess the advantages of Cefla finishing systems.


Finishing LAB in China

The CEFLA-ZHONGJING union LAB in Tianjin, equipped with machines built on-site and technologies developed by Cefla in Italy, gives local customers the opportunity to access Cefla’s expertise and test processes alongside the industry’s leading experts.

and quality for
lasting value

A portfolio of over 300 different types of machine, designed and engineered to improve performance at every stage of production, with a sharp focus on efficiency and sustainability, people and the business itself.

Cefla Finshing spay machine technologies

Cefla Finishing adopts a strict environmental impact and well-being management policy. It does so through constant research and development to obtain ecological finishing processes and gaseous emissions purification systems that comply with EU standards.

Some of the patents incorporated in our coating solutions and the machines on our finishing or digital printing lines concern transfer efficiency and overspray. Examples include the Airsphere plenum, the coating retrieval system and those technologies that allow for more efficient use of energy resources - at considerably lower cost - and the elimination of machine downtimes. 

Focusing on sustainability also means focusing on people: that’s why we’ve designed new, improved human-machine interfaces.

What’s more, Cefla Finishing is ISO 9001:2015 certified for the design, production, installation and after-sales assistance of finishing machines and lines for wood, glass, plastic, fibre cement, metals and composite materials.

Cefla Finishing Service

Fast responses to real needs.

On today’s market, understanding and staying ahead of changing needs is the key to providing customers with optimal assistance. Because of our unique skills and experience, we provide customers with proactive support where and how it’s needed, ensuring their every action generates the best results possible.

Cefla Finishing Italian School

Italian Finishing School.
Leadership Academy

IFS is an exclusive schooling event during which Cefla Finishing combines ground-breaking theory with practical hands-on demonstrations in a fully equipped 6000 m2 laboratory devoted to surface enhancement technologies. Customers and lacquer and coating suppliers take part so they can test new coating solutions, experiment with new techniques and obtain industrial-level results for technologies destined for the global market. 

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