What’s behind the comeback of Elispray?

Elispray elliptical spray coating Cefla Live

A solution which has been part of our portfolio for a number of years, Elispray was originally designed as the high-speed, elliptical spray coater, featuring 12 or 24 guns. Today, the only feature which is not affected by the in-depth innovations made to the machine is the name: Elispray.

The transformation? Consistent all-round savings

As many major manufacturers of doors, kitchen cabinets and other furniture items are seeking for ways to cut costs, Elispray has a combination of answers which addresses the overall demand to save wherever possible. And savings come through increased efficiency.

Superior transfer efficiency leading to reduced lacquer consumption has a large impact on costs. Furthermore, the oversized synthetic belt keeps overspray where it can be recouped and recycled. This also saves the filters from dealing with excessive overspray, meaning they will last longer, thereby diminishing costs even more so. All in all, it adds up to a cleaner machine, and this leads on to another benefit: cleaning operations are much easier than on the previous version. Even the double plenum contributes to directing overspray onto the work pieces, so less time is needed to clean the equipment between batches.

Faster than before and easier to maintain

Today’s Elispray works faster and ensures the same quality or superior thanks to a lacquer distribution system providing the following benefits:

  • critical machine components can be monitored while the machine is working to avoid unproductive stoppages

  • allows companies to plan maintenance sessions without needing to react to problems which disrupt production

With the new Elispray, productivity also takes on a new meaning, and is combined with excellent finishing quality and above all, significantly lower lacquer consumption and relevant costs. 

Cristian Giovannini

Product Manager | Spray Coating and Drying Technologies

Product development, technologies and machines for spray coating

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