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Wrapping technology

Every time you watch RoboWrap getting ready for the next job, you wonder if someone hired a choreographer to define the automated set-up sequence. And that sequence, with its fully robotized mechanisms, allowing profile changeovers to be completed in few minutes, combines limited set-up and maintenance times with high output rates.

No other profile wrapping solution can compare to RoboWrap. It features intelligent software which analyses key factors prior to process set-up. This even takes into account worn or age-deformed pressure rollers and no matter how much a profile's geometry differs from another, the set-up time (which can take hours with conventional wrapping machines) remains a matter of minutes. This cuts downtime. Consequently, any company manufacturing wooden and PVC profiles, with a need for a highly flexible system capable of responding quickly to customers' just-in-time demands, while maintaining high-quality standards, can easily stay competitive.

But there are solutions similar to RoboWrap, representing different levels of investment: PowerWrap, MultiWrap and EasyWrap. In all cases, the process parameters are constantly under control, so at the end of each job, there are no surprises. What is surprising are the high output rates for all wrapping machines.

Furthermore, all wrapping machines by our brand Duspohl simplify your activities with a design concept that is the same as RoboWrap, enabling fewer manual interventions for cleaning, glue application and daily maintenance tasks. This turns into additional time for production on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, boosting productivity and increasing ROI.

On all Duspohl wrapping machines, all components are designed and built in-house, from the feeding system, pre-melter and glue application unit through to the separating system. This ensures perfect matching and much less need for maintenance thanks to the durability of all key parts.

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