An articulated process for a straightforward product – veneered skirting boards

One look at a skirting board and the finishing process it undergoes does not immediately come to mind, yet there is a lot to consider when defining an integrated finishing line for this product.

One of the many possible solutions serves simply as an example. Each customer we have dealt with has a slightly different objective, so we like to evaluate each case separately. Standard solutions never seem to give more than standard satisfaction, whereas we at Cefla Finishing want to be sure we exceed the customer’s expectations, so we conceive the solution carefully, adapting a feature to solve a problem or adding a function to deliver a better result.

Starting with a brushing machine, we would then move on through a linear spraying machine. The first coat will probably be UV polyacrylic and Performa will apply it at 100 g/sqm. A seven-minute flash off in a Cross Oven will then be needed, followed by a UV curing stage.

The top side of the profiles will then be sanded on the brushing machine, a topcoat will be applied on the Performa and the flash off repeated for 7 minutes in the Cross Oven.

Running at speeds between 3000 and nearly 5000 pieces/shift, this is just one approach to finishing veneered skirting boards.

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