Cross Oven

Cross Oven

Transversal oven for mouldings

The CROSS OVEN transversal oven is ideal for flash-off and/or drying paints applied to mouldings and narrow boards.

CROSS OVEN is a transversal oven able to perform the drying and/or flash-off of water or solvent-based paints applied to mouldings and narrow boards, in a single process. The oven's well-insulated structure, with integrated fans, means low heat loss and impressive energy saving. This oven's extremely modular engineering allows it to be adapted to all needs, even after installation in response to new production requirements.

From Delle Vedove expertise


  • Extremely modular solution
  • Drying and flash-off in a single process
  • Insulated oven structure = energy saving

Application Fields

Frames for paintings/furniture
Construction beams
Internal matchboard
Profiles and structural metalwork
Profiles and door profiles

Focus on

Extremely modular oven, adaptable and modifiable even after installation.
Oven insulation for energy saving.


  • Wood
  • Fibercement
  • Metal
  • Cork

Case Studies

Cefla and Sunview Patio Doors: analysis of a success

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