Adding value to timber mouldings, whichever way you want

As they assume an increasingly important role in the construction industry, furniture and building interiors, mouldings deserve to receive a surface enhancement process that adds to their value. There are several technologies that can be used; what is required is the ability to select the technique best-suited to a company’s objectives.

The process starts with sanding operations

Using our BPS sanding machine, specially developed to sand mouldings, customers will enjoy the significant flexibility of this modular solution. Here are 4 key benefits:
  • free to easily configure shape and size
  • belt, wheel or brush units available
  • CNC version or manually adjustable
  • suits all mouldings and narrow boards
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Sealing with vacuum technology

Ensuring almost 100% transfer efficiency, our vacuum coating solution applies a uniform coating with exceptional precision and production speeds. By incorporating UV lamps, the machine accomplishes the necessary cross-linking process and is ideal for different substrates as well as wood. Compatible coatings include water-based, UV curable water-based, 100% UV and various sealants. With zero overspray, there is minimal waste of coating or sealant and Talent performs 6-sided coating in a single pass.
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Another option is spray coating

As a continuous-process, linear spray-coating solution, Performa is available in 3 configurations according to the moulding conveyor system. Our experts will be able to advise on the most suitable configuration according to customer needs. Equipped with 8 spray guns, the machine handles working widths up to 300 mm and applies water and solvent-based stains and paints.

Alternatively, Flexispray is a compact solution, ideal if factory floorspace is an issue, designed to coat widths up to 240 mm (optional 300 mm) with up to 6 spray guns.

Coating quantities are usually 150 g/sqm of water-based lacquer in either case.

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Drying in a transversal oven for mouldings

Cross Oven is our solution for flash-off and/or drying of paints applied to mouldings and narrow boards. A highly modular machine, it deals with water or solvent-based paints and boasts an energy-efficient, insulated oven structure.
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