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at LIGNA 2023

Today’s challenges are often connected to recurrent issues faced by a broad variety of manufacturing industries where a product undergoes a finishing process. 

Wood and its derivatives are some of the most common substrates coated in the furniture and building sectors. At Ligna 2023, Cefla Finishing is taking a practical approach to find the best solutions to those everyday issues that concern finishing outfits across the globe.

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  • Cutting costs and saving space by uniting different technologies on a single line
  • Maximising spraying uptime even when you need to change colour so often
  • Industry 4.0 software solutions to optimise and simplify process control
  • Matching edge and surface finishing outcomes for unrivalled quality
  • The world’s largest Finishing Laboratory at your disposal

How to maximise uptime despite so many colour changeovers

At Ligna in Hanover we will present the latest innovations that will enable companies to implement colour changeovers without stopping production. Managed by a special software and a system which involves the equipment’s mixing valves, colour changeover requires less than 10 seconds compared to the standard 2 to 3 minutes needed today.

How to match edge and surface panel coating using the same technique

One way to obtain the perfect match between a panel surface and the panel’s edge is to use the very same technology for both parts of the process, vacuum coating technology.  This is exactly what Cefla Finishing implements with two highly innovative machines built into a line featuring edge and surface coating equipment and sanding capabilities, all in a fully automated solution.

How to achieve high-quality
profile wrapping -
also with CPL surface material

Cefla’s profile wrapping brand Düspohl will present a line made up of optimised standard equipment that reduces set-up times, simplifies handling and minimises downtime. Also, it will be equipped with special tools to wrap profiles with CPL surface material which even manage radiuses of up to 1 mm. Today’s focus is on smart solutions that positively impact efficiency and output, with no more than a moderate investment. These can be completed with optional solutions for special applications or for automation purposes, the degree of which is scalable, depending on customer demands and project requirements.

How to simplify process control
with Industry 4.0 software solutions

Beyond the need for high-performance machinery, Cefla Finishing develops in-house software solutions to support companies embracing Industry 4.0. Created by a team of experts and suitable for use on hybrid lines integrating Cefla solutions and third party machines, these tools help customers achieve efficiency, reliability, predictability, and provide software for remote monitoring as well as line simulation for layout planning.

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