The winning combination for flat panels:
Smartedge and Smartvacuum

flat panel

Finding a way to match the finishing quality of your flat surface with the edge, especially when the market is looking for rounded edges and flat surfaces as part of the latest furniture trends, means you need to consider using the same paint and the same technique. Until today, this was just theoretical, but since we introduced Smartvacuum to combine with Smartedge, our vacuum coating solution for edges, it is now a reality.

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Sustainable and cost-efficient

Depending on the production volumes, there are different solutions to coat the surface and edge of a panel using vacuum application technologies. Outputs up to 1500 cabinet doors/shift can be handled with an island-type process dealing with:

  • melamine sanding
  • flat surface coating (Smartvacuum)
  • edge coating (Smartedge)
  • sanding prior to finishing

In-line processes are better for outputs exceeding 3000 cabinet doors/shift and can be either:

  • melamine sanding
  • panel surfaces coated in the Smartvacuum area
  • panel edges coated in a 2-step process with Smartedge
  • sanding prior to finishing

or for 6000 cabinet doors/shift as follows:

  • melamine sanding
  • in-line flat surface coating (Smartvacuum)
  • all 4 panel edges coated using Smartedge
  • sanding prior to finishing

Both Smartvacuum and Smartedge use 100% UV acrylic paints, avoiding release of solvents into the atmosphere. Processing times are reduced compared to alternative application technologies and less space is taken up by these machines.

Focusing on the edge coating process, we have developed patented solutions for Smartedge which are unrivalled on the market. EDGE&GO enables line operators to switch from one edge geometry/thickness to the next in no more than 15 seconds.

The dual function sanding unit for vertical corners with a radius and the flat section of a J-pull ensures compliance with the original radius and sanding of the excess product at the leading and trailing end of the handle.

The paint removal and panel cleaning unit seals the melamine between the flat part and the edge, recovers excess applied product and creates a perfectly flat panel surface. This prolongs the life of the abrasive paper in contact sanding machines, as wear is homogeneous over the whole surface.

Learn more on Smartvacuum in this webinar.

The combination of Smartvacuum and Smartedge finally allows companies to streamline their coating process using the same technique and delivering the same top quality all round. It avoids pollution compared to spraying lacquers with solvents, it speeds up the process, reducing the handling necessities and, above all, cuts costs significantly.

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这项技术有很多优势。 首先,传输效率达到惊人的99%。 真空涂装机体积小,因此占用的工厂空间很小。,使用真空涂装机,可一站完成360°砂光,型材涂装和漆膜固化,使生产效率得以优化。 没有空喷漆雾,不对环境造成任何污染。 漆膜厚度高,以玻璃棉面板为例,漆膜厚度可达700 µm。


对漆膜质量的评判带有很强的主观性。 但是,如果产品对漆膜硬度要求较高,那么该技术通过使用固体含量为80%的涂料,可以实现较高的漆膜厚度(例如,天花板可达到700 g / m2),并同时减少干燥段费用。即使是较复杂的型材,稳定的漆膜厚度也是真空涂装技术在质量方面的关键优势。。


这将取决于你是使用紫外线固化涂料还是水性涂料。使用UV涂料,真空涂装机每道油漆涂布量为25至75µm(1至3 mills),而使用水性涂料,真空涂装机每道油漆涂布量为25至150µm(1至6 mills)。您还需要考虑电能消耗和压缩空气消耗。


最小长度为915 mm(36“),最大宽度为305 mm(12”)。这个范围之内的任何尺寸都可以。










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