Smartvacuum technology


Vacuum coater

An innovative alternative to spray, roller or curtain coater systems for the application of a base coat to flat panel surfaces using 100% UV acrylic paints. Offers several benefits to manufacturers of cabinet doors, panels and bathroom furniture.

Application Fields

Furniture components coating
Furniture components
Flat panels coating
Flat panels
Panels coating
Drawers coating
Flat doors coating
Flat doors
Bedrooms coating


Wood and wood-based coating
Wood and wood-based materials

Focus on

Smartvacuum followed by Smartedge is the perfect combination using the same technique and the same 100% UV acrylic Base coat in both cases. The result is a top-quality end product obtained in a cost-efficient way with a host of benefits including shorter lead times, greater flexibility and increased sustainability.


Smartvacuum applies 100/140g per square metre of lacquer in a single pass. Using vacuum technology, the junction between the panel surface and the edge is greatly improved, making it softer to the touch and responding to the trend for slightly rounded edges. Smartvacuum therefore ensures improved quality and reduces the number of operations required to obtain a smooth, matching bond between panel surface and edge, especially when the edge is coated using the same technology by means of our Smartedge solution.


  1. Utilises a solid 100% UV lacquer enabling reduced drying times (3-5 minutes’ flash-off)
  2. Increased coating stability over time vs. polyurethane or polyester-based products
  3. Fewer machines to manage, consequently less cleaning required and reduced overall consumption
  4. Fewer steps and panel handling requirements
  5. Shorter production lead times
  6. Lower sanding costs and less waste
  7. Smaller overall footprint
  8. Eco-friendly process

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