Edging material slitting and winding system

EdgeCut is latest-generation edge slitting and winding technology for edge material clean cutting up to a thickness of 2 mm

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Отделка кромок панелей
Кромки панелей


Отделка изделий из древесины и ее производных
Древесина и ее производные
Отделка пластика

Focus on

Two distance sensors ensure outstanding winding quality.
They continuously sense the material reels and control the braking force and drives accordingly, depending on the reel diameter. The ideal process speed and web tension are thus kept constant and perfectly controlled - in sync with the drive power.


EdgeCut is a slitting and winding machine able to guarantee excellent results in extremely short setup times and in complete safety.
The newly developed Düspohl cutting system makes it possible to carry out slitting and winding operations completely free of burrs and crease-whitening. The end products are reels of top quality thin paper, thermoplastic films and up to 2 mm thick edging materials, such as ABS or PVC. The operator can set cutting widths individually via a touchscreen. The adjustment process is completed in less than two minutes ensuring extremely high precision.
Friction elements on the winding shafts allow precision-adjusted, width-dependent traction distribution across the cut material during the winding process.


  • Slitting and winding features in a single machine
  • Dramatically shorter setup times
  • Suitable for different types of material, from thin paper reels to thermoplastic films
  • Slitting widths that can be managed via a touch-screen
  • Maximum accuracy
  • System designed to ensure constant speed

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