Slitting machine

EasyCut is a slitting machine with manual cutter positioning for 400 and 700 mm working widths.

Области применения

Отделка шпона
Отделка материалов в рулонах
Рулонированные материалы


Отделка пластика

Focus on

Easycut combines wide positioning tolerance with the best cutting quality, avoiding marks on the decorative material or profile deformation.


Reel slitters are used in many industrial sectors.
The EasyCut slitting machine is ideal for transverse slitting of paper, PVC, PP, PE, PU sheets/foils, sandwich foils, laminates, and certain textiles or metal foils, but also veneer, ABS, melamine resin edge materials and other materials of various thicknesses.
Equipped with a practical control unit that facilitates programming making it perfectly user-friendly.


  • High flexibility thanks to the use of different knives
  • Practical and simple knife replacement
  • Supplied with 1 or 2 winding shafts
  • High drive power

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