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Отделка плоских панелей
Плоские панели
Отделка плоских дверей
Плоские двери
Отделка мебели для дома
Мебель для дома
Отделка фрезерованных или гнутых панелей
Фрезерованные или гнутые панели
Отделка фрезерованных дверей
Фрезерованные двери


Отделка изделий из древесины и ее производных
Древесина и ее производные

Focus on

Drystore is the first Vertical Oven capable to have different drying times on each tray, as per operator indication.
In combination with Target gives an high-end solution with an economically convenient budget.


Drystore give you just-in-time vertical drying.  This highly flexible oven allows for different drying times on each tray as designated by the operator through the machine control.  This allows the drying of multiple parts and finishes in the same unit.  Ideal for small production runs.  Gives you a high-solution at a cost-effective price.


  • Dedicated Software to manage different drying times in each tray
  • Solution suitable for small budget
  • Each tray can have a different dry time.

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