DrawerLine 300V

DrawerLine 300V

360° wrapping of drawers

DrawerLine 300V wraps panels for drawers vertically using hot melt glue. 

Области применения

Отделка компонентов мебели
Комплектующие для мебели
Отделка комодов
Отделка деревянных деталей
Деревянные детали


Отделка изделий из древесины и ее производных
Древесина и ее производные

Focus on

Significant output increase thanks to faster set-up, automatic reel change and high production speed while assuring best quality. 

Ready for industry 4.0 with a connection to your ERP, which enables you to track settings, conditions and collect data to improve your production management. 


Developed by our Germany-based brand Düspohl, this new line comes with an automatic format adjustment that allows you to switch from minimum to maximum profile height within only six minutes! 

Transport speed also helps you to increase your output, since DrawerLine 330V produces at up to 100 m/min.


  • automatic reel changer
  • automatic format adjustment
  • SynCut 330V cutting system 
  • 360° wrapping
  • profile height 50 to 300mm
  • glue application with slot coater for constant dosing
  • connection to your ERP 
  • programmation of recipes on external computer possible

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