Reel Slitter

AutoCut is ideal for slitting paper, PVC, PP, PE, PU sheets/foils, sandwich foils, laminates, and certain textiles or metal foils.

Области применения

Отделка материалов в рулонах
Рулонированные материалы


Отделка пластика

Focus on

AutoCut is the ideal answer for cutting veneer, ABS, melamine resin edge materials and other materials of various thicknesses.


This winder and reel slitter guarantees accurate final machining, also thanks to the Automatic Slitter Positioning (ASP) system for knife discs: an automatic positioning mechanism of the upper/lower knives and of the two in-line lasers for more accurate positioning of the winding sleeves.


  • Can be used in many industrial sectors
  • Automatic disc knife positioning
  • High flexibility thanks to the possible use of different knife systems
  • Automatic remote diameter-dependent braking power control
  • Constant web speed and tension during winding
  • Simple knife replacement
  • Excellent accessibility thanks to overhung winding shafts
  • Deionisation option

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