Exydry-Z employs excimer matting technology to obtain soft-touch, resistant surfaces with a lasting fingerprint-proof effect and deep matt finish, also on raised panels meaning also the edges of cabinet doors.

Exydry-Z is an excimer oven capable of handling more than just a flat panel. Obtaining a soft-touch, deep matt finish with long-term scratch and abrasion resistance on raised panels in general is now possible thanks to 3 patent pending technologies.


The lacquer is cured in such a way as to produce an extremely matt finish as low as 5 gloss on a scale going from 0 to 100. Plus, it achieves that sought-after, lasting fingerprint-proof effect.


Excimer matting technology accomplishes a short-wave UV polymerisation process in an oxygen-free atmosphere delivers high-performance surfaces with a soft-touch effect.


Conceived specially for raised panels, this innovative system handles, for example, cabinet doors up to 25 mm thick sprayed using robot and/or oscillating machines. The patent pending design enables a continuous flow of raised panels through the oven, taking care of full oxygen removal, a condition which is essential for excimer technology, without stopping the production flow, and consequently the production plant.


The nitrogen used to wash away all the oxygen from the X, Y and Z axes of a raised panel, enabling matting on all surfaces, is substantially lower than conventional excimer ovens.


  1. Excimer matting technology extended to all 3 axes (panel edges up to 25 mm thick)
  2. High-performance surface finish for long-term scratch and abrasion resistance
  3. Soft-touch, fingerprint-proof effect even on raised panels
  4. Deep matt finish reaching below-5 gloss on a 0 – 100 scale
  5. Minimal nitrogen consumption (65% less than average) reduces costs

Application Fields

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Drzwi płaskie
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So far, excimer matting technology has been used on flat panels because removing oxygen from 3D objects, especially the edges of a raised panel or possible milled or bas-relief surfaces has never been accomplished satisfactorily. Exydry-Z includes patent-pending technologies to effectively wash away all the oxygen from the X, Y and Z axes of a raised panel, enabling excimer matting on all surfaces.


  • Wood
  • Wood-based
  • Ceramics
  • Fibre-cement

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