DrawerLine 250H

DrawerLine 250H

Wrapping of drawers, furniture bodies and similar parts

DrawerLine 250H is a flexible and efficient solution for 360° wrapping of profiles used in the production of furniture. 

Application Fields

malowanie Komponenty do mebli
Komponenty do mebli
malowanie szuflady


malarstwo Drewno i pochodne
Drewno i pochodne

W centrum zainteresowania

Easy handling thanks to continuous horizontal transport of profiles.

Flexible solution for the 360° wrapping of panels for the furniture production in order to enable perfect capacity utilization. 


This line is the ideal choice if you are looking for a machine that does not only wrap drawers, but also other parts for the production of furniture pieces, e.g. their bodies. 

To help you benefit from this flexibility while producing efficiently, we have equipped it with many mechanisms that keep set-up times at the lowest possible level. Also when producing, DrawerLine 250H does not lose any time: fitted up with a synchronized cutting system from the SynCut series, it produces at up to 80 m/min. 


  • wrapped profiles can be directly transferred to further processing steps
  • equipped with many systems to shorten set-up times
  • low investment volume
  • upon request, equipped with automatic reel changer to avoid interruptions of production for the change of surface material
  • constant dosing of glue thanks to application by slot coater
  • for profiles up to a width of 250 mm
  • continous horizontal transport of profiles
  • speed of up to 80%

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