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Remember the Road Atlas in the car’s glove compartment? Pages and pages of maps in a strange sequence. Driving from page 58 to page 104 was logical only to the person who printed the maps and assembled them. Then someone used a GPS satellite to help us navigate from A to B without stopping to read the map. And today, the SatNav even tells you where the traffic issues are and how to avoid them.

UBIQUO does not map the entire planet, but it is the equivalent digital support tool for your production areas and business universe. Once you try the software solutions available, it will be like driving from A to B almost with your eyes shut.

Our software solutions

Even before you install a new finishing line, UBIQUO provides the functions of cCloner, a simulator which establishes the ideal layout and line configuration based on objective data. Operational simulation goes a step further by foreseeing problems, downtimes and avoiding them. Accurate simulation of productivity and consumption enables realistic forecasting to evaluate costs and productivity. Such a degree of simulation is at an advanced stage in our development programme and will undoubtedly be unique within the finishing industry today.

Supervision of a line or a single piece transiting production is also possible from one location with cTracker. This minimises the risk of bottlenecks, downtime and any factors generating inefficiency. Data is channelled into one tracking point, analysed and actions are taken to adjust parameters in real time, enhancing production efficiency on the fly.

Monitoring production line status, any time of day, anywhere in the world, is possible with our web-based tool, cMaster. All you need is an internet connection and connected device to monitor one or more plants or production lines, providing real-time data or broader statistics for preventive maintenance. The difference between cMaster and similar software solutions is that we have developed it around our own equipment and technologies. It is designed to advise actions aimed at improving quality and efficiency, for coating, finishing and digital printing, that commercial software is not prepared for.

Our software solutions undergo regular updates and evolve in line with the needs of our customers. In the future, our focus will be on optimising lacquer and energy consumption, elaborating meaningful ROI calculations, and we will embrace new technologies only when they can benefit the end-user.

Quality comes from quality

UBIQUO software solutions are designed to ensure quality. If your equipment is able to provide you with quality feedback on each process, you can count on implementing quality actions which will lead to top-quality results.

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