cMaster is Cefla Finishing's IoT software operating in the field of remote control from the machines

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cMaster: the remote IoT control for the production line

cMaster is Cefla Finishing's IoT software operating in the field of remote control from the machines. cMaster ensures machines connection and consequently, immediate access to machine/line data from all over the world, at any time of the day and from any device connected to the internet through a web-based application.

With cMaster you can improve your levels of control over your line and individual machines:

  • Access machine information remotely
  • Improve the performance and efficiency of your machines
  • Optimise and speed up technical tasks and maintenance
  • Order spare parts directly and get specific recommendations for your line

real time

Real-time productivity data

cMaster is the software with which you can your manage machine maintenance schedules, download documentation, and have timely productivity reports. In other words, it allows you to know at all times how your machines or lines are working.

If you have a medium-sized line and want to enhance the efficiency of ongoing processes, cMaster can monitor the performance of each single machine and allows you to remotely access productivity data, manage alarms or monitor other operating data of the connected machine.

cMaster is also suitable for more complex spray or roller coating lines, for systems with digital printing or edge lines, where specific solutions and know-how are required relating to coating/finishing and digital printing needs. Thanks to cMaster and preventive maintenance, we can help you avoid machine downtime by offering you access to a prompt assistance service from anywhere in the world.

Control of the entire coating line and instant production data remotely

cMaster provides you with a history of productivity statistics and a digital tool for simplified maintenance management.

Thanks to cMaster you can be up-to-date on the status of your plant/machines even from outside the company, with the possibility of carrying out time-based searches to check what happened at a specific time and/or whenever you were not on the premises.


From your own smartphone or tablet, you can independently check the status of production remotely, from anywhere in the world and at any time.

In cMaster you can monitor the digital list of maintenance operations, made progressively smarter by the increasing availability of punctual machine working data. cMaster is a key enabler of remote assistance services.

In cMaster you can have access to information from your machines: you can independently monitor production data (number of workpieces produced, total coated/printed surfaces) and view the production history.


How to prevent critical issues and avoid production down-time

The most recurrent problems affecting production efficiency (and therefore, turnover) are due to machine downtime, caused by locking alarms.

Machine downtimes are also caused by critical issues affecting machine components due to wear and tear or due to unscheduled maintenance actions.

In this scenario, it is essential to take prompt action to resolve these issues so that the production cycle can be resumed.

Using a monitoring software such as cMaster also allows you to stem these problems thanks to the detailed information that is provided to you and that you can decide to share with our Service by using a specific service package, without having to stop the production line for a prolonged period of time; if spare parts are needed, you can also order them directly through cMaster.


What are the main advantages that I can enjoy thanks to cMaster?

  • Production monitoring, filing of instantly available data: temperature, power values, machine states, etc.
  • Access to the production data history: pieces produced, coated/printed surfaces, realtime variable alarms (instant analog values), etc.
  • Monitoring of active alarms and real-time notification to smartphones and tablets
  • Access to the dedicated scheduler page listing the maintenance services to be performed with the relevant deadlines, being able to check the operating procedures for each action
  • Access to machine health status overview through real-time readings of individual machine components and related information, represented in a visual, simple and user-friendly way
  • Direct Access to Support: direct and immediate feedback from the Cefla service staff for any doubt or problem
  • Direct download of useful documents
  • Direct access to the Spare parts section to order spare parts
  • Export of machine data for the creation of specific models and trend analyses

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