Ubiquo: always support you and keep your profitability

Ubiquo has a mission because it is a broad product with a clear goal: to take action in all possible areas with all feasible tools and strategies to improve your profits. But what is Ubiquo?

Till now, key players in our industry have provided different answers to different questions. For example: remote assistance to solve unforeseen failures, data analysis shows a better way to optimize paint consumption, software tools to simulate the production line, virtual reality providers to help train employees. Ubiqo reversed the point. This is the customer's point of view, to see how to be more efficient, how to be more competitive, how to be more profitable.

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After sales service: the core of the evolution process

In today's market, understanding and forecasting emerging needs will be the key to providing the best help to customers. Based on our skills and experience, we know when and where to provide proactive support to our customers, aiming to ensure that every activity of your company always develops to the highest level.

Spare parts demand
Spare parts

Close to our customers throughout the world, Cefla Finishing Service accompanies customers throughout the entire product life-cycle, providing support and advice at all times whatever their needs. A stock availability of over 20,000 different parts numbers means we can get that vital spare part to you in the fastest possible time.

How can you request spare parts?   
Before contacting the Cefla Spare Parts service in Imola (Italy) or the subsidiary/foreign dealer, always check the spare parts catalogue supplied by Cefla together with the machine to ensure exact identification of the part you wish to order.

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Technical support

Cefla Finishing provides its customers with expert technical support at both a local and global level. Thanks to a widespread network of branches, agents and subsidiaries providing authorised technical assistance, maximum availability and competence is ensured at all times. We also provide remote assistance giving immediate answers to queries made online, thus assuring real-time control of the situation and accurate diagnostics.

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Would you like to receive more product information or establish direct contact with us? Don’t hesitate to write: we’ll provide a fast response to all your requests.

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Preventive maintenance

Cefla Finishing has developed tailored maintenance programmes to respond to the multiple needs of each customer. Machine maintenance or configuration updates are always accompanied by an in-depth assessment of the equipment to ensure only the very highest standards of quality and maximum reliability.

Maintenance services fall into two categories, either an all-inclusive programme ensuring a budget which covers all unforeseen events and expenses, or a modular version for customers requiring more flexibility, which can be tailored to certain frequencies and effective customer requirements. 

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Rechargeable Preventive Programme

An all-inclusive proposal that allows you to manage a budgets for maintenance. So, you will avoid any unexpected events and always have total transparency.

Asset Protection Programme

For customers requiring more flexibility there exists the possibility of modulating contracts according to consumption, defining frequency and achieving effective preventive action.